• Our wide variety of flavours

Hi Indelimers!!!

So glad you could join us!! This is our new website. Feel free to browse the site, check out our wide range of products and free receipes.

It’s been a long wait but our e-store is now up and running!

You can place your orders for most of our products on this site. We’re working on having our site ready to receive your orders via credit /debit card soon! But we can accept debit/credit card payments via Linx upon delivery, contact us for details.

Specialized/Custom orders would still have to be placed directly with the Company by contacting us via Telephone/WhatsApp at 868-384-9180, emailing us at indelimett@gmail.com or messaging us on Facebook or Instagram @indelimeTT ltd. Thanks so much for your patience.

We look forward to serving you!


We are accepting Linx payments for points of sale transactions