Friday evening

Friday evenings are always a bright spot in my week. I often find myself mixing a new liqueur or coqtail or two and then sampling them, I label it my “creative time”. But, this week, this Friday is different. This week our sales team was out and about marketing and distributing samples of our liqueurs and coqtailz to prospective buyers. It’s an exciting time but it is also fraught with anxiety and uncertainty.

This Friday evening will meet me, the artisan, sitting at my desk, not standing in my mixing Kitchen, asking myself if the people who tasted our samples liked them? I’ll be asking myself if these people will taste the love, effort and emotions I’ve put into these drinks? “Will these unknown people appreciate my drinks’ uniqueness or will my drinks get lost in the crowd?” While me, the business woman, will be asking very loudly in the background, “More importantly, will they buy the drinks?!”

It’s interesting how being in business can show you that you have no control over outcomes even after you’ve done your best, poured your all into a venture and worked your hardest. …

So this Friday evening, maybe I’ll go mix myself a coqtail anyway, I will remind myself that at some point you just have to let go of the need to be in control of the outcome and just trust the process. You have to trust that all your planning, energy, effort and, yes, talent are enough and resolve to keep pressing ahead Here’s to a great Friday evening!


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